Colleen Rothschild All Time Favorites

gal about town by lynlee poston skincare routine white bathroom with pink stripes

gal about town lynlee poston colleen rothschild skincare routine

colleen rothschild skincare routine lynlee poston gal about town

One of my favorite parts of my job is the amazing brands I get to partner and build relationships with. I feel like sponsored content sometimes puts a bad taste in peoples mouths within the blogging community but honestly, I could not be more proud of my relationships with the brands I love and that I get to share products with you that I truly stand behind and use everyday. Colleen Rothschild is one of those brands. Colleen Rothschild has changed my skin (and hair) for the better and I just know you all will (and many of you already do) love their products as much as I do!

Colleen Rothschild Haircare Routine

colleen rothschild skincare routine lynlee poston gal about town

I have many Colleen Rothschild blog post but today I wanted to give you guys an updated list of my all time favorite CR products! Even better, Colleen Rothschild is currently having a site wide friends and family sale- get 25% off with code FALL25.


This is my go-to everyday cleanser. I use this both morning and night and I always always always double cleanse! This cleanser is gentle, and a little goes a long way. I also like that it is not drying.



Oh the love affair I have with this mask. It is basically like an IV of hydration to your skin. This is my go to mask after travel, or when my skin is feeling really dry. The intense hydrating mask is one of their top selling products and it’s obvious why.



This is my everyday moisturizer. I love that it is lightweight and goes on really nicely- I also wear my makeup on over this and it doesn’t ever feel heavy.



Colleen Rothschild is new in the hair care space, but oh my gosh did they nail this product. I have gotten so many of my friends, family, and followers hooked on this hair mask because it is so dang amazing. It smells heavenly, and leaves my hair smoother than ever. I wish I could buy you all one of these for Christmas- this is one product I stock up on constantly because I use so regularly.


I love a good face mask, and the clarifying detox mask literally makes you feel like its sucking all the gunk out of your pores, its amazing. Detox couldn’t be a better way to describe this. I own and love all of the CR face masks but I thing this one is my favorite.


I have said it once, going to say it again. If you are not using a face oil, what are you doing?! Gosh this is one product I wish I would have incorporated into my routine sooner- I wear this every night.


There are so many Colleen Rothschild products that I love but hopefully these favorites of mine will help you if you are new to the brand or not sure where to begin. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, and don’t forget 25% off your purchase with code:  FALL25


**Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring today’s post.**

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  1. Mercedes Rowe
    October 26, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    After reading your posts about the Colleen Rothschild restorative hair mask, I bought it during one of the sales. I couldn’t be happier with the product! Thank you for sharing it with us! I look forward to washing my hair just so I can use it. It comes in a great size, that I can tell will last me a while! Can’t wait to try other Colleen Rothschild products!

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