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I am losing count of whatever day of quarantine it now is. I might be eating rice krispie treats for breakfast (that totally happened today) and wearing the same outfit 3 days minimum but I will tell you one thing. I have majorly stepped up my self care game- as I feel like many of us have. I am face masking and oiling up my skin everyday like its my job. I might end this quarantine 15 lbs heavier but I know one thing- my skin will be GLOWING!!!

Colleen rothschild skincare gal about town lynlee psoton

No secret around here that Colleen Rothschild has been my go- to skin care line for the past 3 years. I am honestly always pretty good about my skincare routine however, these past few weeks it has been better than ever and Im basically running on empty on all of my face masks! If you have been looking to step up your skincare or if there are any Colleen Rothschild products youve been wanting to try, now is the time! Colleen Rothschild is currently running a best sellers sale which gives you 25% off the top selling products! AKA the “tried and true” products. I think this is such a great sale to shop– especially if you are new to the line because these are the most loved products all on sale! Now, lets check out some of my favorites that I use and I’ll spill the tea on why I love them so much!

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Radiant Cleansing Balm

With over 450+ reviews this is obviously a favorite and probably one of the top products I would recommend in the line. I use this balm morning and night before I cleanse my face and it feels like butter on your skin literally  melting all the makeup, dirt, and gunk of your face. I cant tell you how satisfying it feels + what an incredible job it does removing makeup.

Matcha Tea Treatment Toner

I have been using a toner for the past five years now and I feel like this is a product and step that often gets overlooked. I always make sure to use it after I cleanse my face before I put any of my other products on! It removes all the bacteria and excess dirt that you might have missed while cleansing+ minimizes pores. I truly don’t feel like my skin is ever “clean” until after I use my toner!

Sheer Renewal Cream

This is my everyday moisturizer. I love the consistency, the moisture it brings to my skin, and the way it wears on my face all day. I wear this daily under my makeup as well and my makeup goes on so nicely under it. I think its great for all skin types and feels weightless on your skin.

Clarifying Detox Mask

This is probably my favorite and most used Colleen Rothschild face masks. It truly feels like its pulling all the gunk and yucky stuff out of your pores! I will do a light layer and then wash it off after 10-15 min or so and then after my skin feels so smooth and bright!

Retinol Supreme Night Oil

This oil refines skin tone and texture, fights age spots and improves dullness. Basically you wake up each morning with glowing skin its’ the best. This one also has the highest concentration of stabilized retinol, which encourages healthy skin renewal. I am sure many of you know the benefits of retinol… this one is great because it’s super gentle if you have sensitive skin. If you are not using an oil and your skincare routine you are missing out!!



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