Colleen Rothschild Hair Must Haves

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a great weekend! This is my first weekend home in 3 weeks so I am so excited to relax and just hang out, while spending time with the pups! If you follow along on IG I’m sure you saw that I got Banks back from training recently  after being gone for SIX weeks so I am just so excited to love on him all weekend!

But let’s move on to what I really want to let you guys in on!! One of the best Colleen Rothschild sales I have seen in a few months is happening this weekend for 2 days only so I would act QUICK! You can get 25% off your entire Colleen Rothschild purchase with code: LTKxCRB which is incredible! You guys know over half of my beauty and skincare routine consist of Colleen products (I can’t get enough). I have lots of informative blog posts going over lots of my favorites- but today I want to specifically concentrate on the Colleen Rothschild Hair Care line.

The hair care line consists of 3 products: The quench and shine restorative shampoo, the quench and shine restorative mask, and the smooth and shine hair serum. I use every single one of these products and they have SAVED my hair. I always tell people when they reach out to me wanting to try some of the Colleen hair care products to start with the quench and shine deluxe size mini set which contains travel sizes of all three products. Perfect way to test them all out- and I guarantee you almost every single person I have spoke with ended up buying full sizes of the products.

Quench and shine restorative shampoo This shampoo is the most recent addition to the Colleen Rothschild hair care line and boy did they deliver. I love this shampoo because not only does it smell amazing but it lathers really well and a little goes a long way which is important for me because I have a ton of hair!

Quench and shine restorative mask This is one of my top three favorite Colleen products! I have gotten so many followers, friends, even my mom hooked! This ultra-hydrating mask softens, hydrates, and detangles hair without weighing it down (which is V important to me because I have very coarse, thick hair). Argan and Moringa Oils smooth split-ends and make your hair nice and shiny. I will typically replace my conditioner with the mask and leave it on 5ish minutes (longer if I can) before rinsing.  I am not kidding you (and go read the reviews on this product on the CR website, everyone else tends to agree) this made my hair probably the softest it’s ever been.

Smooth and shine hair serum– I have very wavy, coarse, and textured hair so a serum is necessary to tame the fly aways and smooth out my hair. I like to air dry my hair like 70% then apply the serum (make sure you get the ends) and then blow dry the rest smooth. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or stringy, and of course like the other Colleen hair products, it smells amazing.

I can’t wait for you guys to try out these products if you haven’t already or stock up! Dont forget you will get 25% off your purchase with code LTKxCRB you can also shop all of my favorite Colleen Rothschild products below!

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