Decorating Your Bar Cart For The Holidays

gal about town by lynlee poston holiday bar cart decor with frontgate home

Outfit: Sweater | Jeans | Gold Bracelets

Decor: Bar Cart c/o Frontgate | Garland c/o Frontgate | Acrylic Wine Rack | Bar Tool Set | Ice Bucket | Ginger Jar | Ornaments c/o Frontgate | Wine Glasses | Whiskey Glasses | Decanter | Candle

One of my favorite pieces in my home is easily my bar cart (currently 20% off)! What bachelorette pad is complete without a bar cart?? My friends all laugh because my bar cart actually doesn’t have much booze on it– it’s more bar tools, mixers, glasses, and decor. But trust me, if you know me and how much I love my wine + cocktails I have a designated cabinet for that where I house all of my alcohol. One of the things I love most about my bar cart is how easy it is to change it up– I am always rearranging + adding things to give it a different look! Of course I had to add some holiday decor to it for Christmas. I threw this together with a lot of decor + things I already had and did this in such a short amount of time.

Let’s talk about what you need to get your bar cart holiday ready!

**Holiday Decor- Like I said most of the things I added were items I already had! My reindeer + gold stars I had bought last year at Home Goods and really didn’t have a place for them in my apartment, so they found their home sitting on my bar cart! Add some garland and drape it around your bar cart for a little extra “flair”. I also used a few of my extra ornaments from Frontgate, instead of putting them back in the box I added them in my ice bucket for an unexpected design element. Of course if I am actually using it for ice I will take them out, but for now it’s just a little something extra! You could also add a small dish with candy, or some candy canes, which also can be used as a festive drink garnish.

** Mixers- Mixers are a must! I like to always keep a variety on hand– plus they are great for a pop of color! I used my acrylic wine bottle holder to hold all of my Pellegrino bottles. I also picked up some cute lemonade and ginger beer bottles from World Market and Home Goods!

** Glasses- I think this is dependent on what kind of drinks you drink the most/plan to serve. Wine, whiskey, and vodka are usually my drinks of choice so I always keep wine and whiskey/old fashion glasses ready to go!

** Bar Tools- I usually don’t get too fancy with my drinks, however I do keep a few bar tools on hand. This bar tool set has just about everything I need! I also always keep a wine + bottle opener on my cart which is what I use the most.

**Booze- Lastly, and most important you need booze! Like I mentioned above, I don’t keep a ton of booze on my cart (mainly because I am a psycho and don’t like all the mismatched bottles). Solution: decanters! I got some crystal decanters that are not only beautiful, but functional! I wouldn’t keep your SUPER nice alcohol in the decanters but for your basic booze it is a great way to display it.

So there you have it! What is your favorite things you always keep on your bar cart? My advice is– just make it your own! Things you love + items you use + heck even if it serves no function but just looks pretty! I loved sharing this with you guys– who’s coming over for a drink? But really….

Shop everything below:

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Photos by: Vanessa Christina

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