Don’t Forget Your Fur Children

So I am actually waiting patiently right now to pick up my child (Ellie) from the vet. I am seriously so anxious and excited to see her. I also imagine this is how moms feel about their human children. haha! She was actually put under today so they could clean her teeth, run some blood work, and other testing…. meanwhile I am a nervous wreck and have just been thinking about how much our fur children mean to us– they really are family.

With that being said…. just incase santa missed them this year– here are a few of my favorite things that I know our furry friends would love:

Kiehls Dog Rinse– Anything by Kiehls is amazing and their pet line is no exception. Sometimes I send this with Ellie when I take her to get groomed and have them use this on her because its that good.

Funny Chew Toys– I literally can’t even with these because they are all just the cutest ever. Ellie has the champs bottle and chewy vuitton and it makes me smile anytime I see her carrying either in her mouth so proudly. Girl has got good taste.

Don’t Stop Retrieving Shirt I am typically not one for dog clothes but I love cheeky sayings like this. SO cute…. I would definitely make an exception for this.

Stylish Collar Make a statement with a cute collar. Love this one!

Toile Dog Bed– Is this not the chicest dog bed ever? This honestly reminds me of my grandmothers house– she had the most beautiful toile curtains.

Furbo Want to see what your pets up to all day while you are at work and send them treats via your phone? Heck yes you do. I could watch my baby all day.

Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis Test– Recently I was in Orlando, Florida with the Royal Canin team for the AKC National Championship and I was introduced to their GHA test. Which basically you can test for your dogs ancestry at their vet’s office (which is super cool if your fur baby is adopted or mixed breed), as well as specific genetic markers. All of this information can be used to ensure you are providing the best care catered to your dogs ancestry and genetics. So cool!

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