Everyday is A Great Hairday: Pantene Waterless Collection


**Thank you so much to Pantene for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own.**

‘Hot Girl Summer’ is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean my workout routine has to. I’m turning 30 this year and have really been taking extra measures to take care of myself. I’ve always been pretty active, but lately I’ve tried to stay on top of a consistent workout schedule to keep me accountable on the days where I want to sloth around like Ellie. In the past, I found my excuses for not going to the gym correlated around when I had or had not washed my hair. Y’all know what I mean, right? You just washed your hair and it’s cooperating, the last thing you want to do is go sweat it out and ruin your potentially great hair day for the next couple of days. Enter the new Pantene Waterless Collection, which means now I have no excuse to not be active daily. I usually go at least 5 days without washing my hair. I start using the Pantene Waterless Collection around day 4 and last week I went 7 days without washing! What a dream. 

They have a full collection for all hair types that you can check out here, but I have been using the thick/colored hair products. My two favorites are the Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam and the Mist Behaving Dry Conditioning Mist. Y’all already know I like to go literally as many days as possible without washing my hair, and these are reliable products that gives me my desired look without having to go through the process (and it is a process) of washing/drying/styling. 

The Cheat Day Dry Shampoo Foam threw me for a loop at first, because I was trying to avoid anything wet, but that’s not the case at all since it’s formulated to dry quickly. You use it by applying a small amount into your fingertips and working into your scalp. I’ve posted a how-to you can refer to on my IG stories post-workout. Some hair products can dry out your scalp and leave a dingy residue in your hair that I hate. Not the Pantene Cheat Day Dry Shampoo FoamIt is infused with Pro-Vitamin B5 and orchid flower and leaves my hair feeling like it naturally would after I’ve washed and blow dried it. No noticeable product build-up, full of body, and it smells AMAZING. It’s perfect for post-workouts when your hair is already damp with sweat and it soaks up all of the excess oil quickly so I can still make it to happy hours or plans with friends without having to go home and shower beforehand.

If you guys typically go a few days without washing, you’ve probably noticed that around day 3 or 4 your hair starts feeling kind of dry at the ends. This is why it’s important to use a dry conditioner, as well. The Pantene Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner Mist (props to the marketer that named this) mist is perfect for smoothing out your ends  and adding a subtle shine to the mid to bottom length of your hair. (Never spray directly on roots!) Once again, these both smell SO good and anything that can transform my post-workout hair back to looking like I just got a blowout in under 2 minutes has got my vote. The best part is both products are free of sulfates and parabens! You can pick up the Pantene Waterless Collection at Kroger. Cheers to achieving a great hair day on non-wash days! 


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