Gal About Town Home Makeover: Living Room Inspiration

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If you guys have been following me on Instagram or Snapchat you know that I have had some big changes here recently (see this post)! Earlier this month I moved into my first big girl place! I say “big girl place” meaning my very first place of my own! You see, ever since freshman year of college living in the dorms I have always had roommates– while I have loved living with all of my different roommates over the past 8 years and sharing our lives + space together I just really felt like it was time (especially with me turning 27 next month) to have a place of my own! A place I could curate and design to a space that I love and was proud of. A place where I could have my friends over to drink wine and make dinners and serve fancy cheese boards on the reg (because hey, thats totally realistic– thanks Pinterest and Instagram). So once I decided I was going to get a place of my own, I also decided it was time to get rid of all of my mis-matched furniture I have had since college and invest in some new pieces that not only reflect my personal style, but will also be transitional in the future.

Once I found my new bachelorette pad (#GATbachelorettepad we shall call it) it was time to decide how I wanted to design each room and what pieces I needed vs. wanted. Because you gotta have the essentials first before you start buying random decor items. Of course I learned this the hard way and went off just buying random decor items I liked… but I had no plan or vision of what style I was even trying to accomplish. I was then left with a bunch of random items I loved, but just didn’t go with the main pieces I decided on or the feel of the room. So that just left me with a lot of things I had to return, and a lot of items I still don’t know what to do with! Always impatient — will I ever learn? Prob not!

So first things first, you need to sit down and decide what look or style you are going for in each room. I decided to make a Pinterest board for each room I was redecorating (living room, bedroom, dining room, closet-office) and pin what I loved and what was drawn to. I of course found I had so many different styles that I loved (thats the thing about Pinterest, it is literally a #lovehate relationship for us indecisive and ADD people ). I then went back through and re-evaluated what rooms and styles inspired me the most, did I pin the most, and kept coming back to. Then, after I made a decision on the look I was going for for each room I deleted all other pins that were not relevant to the style I was trying to achieve so they wouldn’t be there to taunt me or get me off track. Then, once I had a board with inspiration of the vibe I was going for is when the real fun began… I started to browse for items to make shit happen and get #GATbachelorettepad in full swing!

Here on GAT I will be dedicating a post to each room throughout my decorating process. I will share what I items I have purchased/and am lusting over, along with photos I used for inspiration behind each room. I will say I have found decorating is truly a process, which is touch to swallow for this “I want it, and I want it now” gal. BUT, I am making progress and of course when everything is semi-complete (I say semi because, are you really ever done decorating  your home? I feel like it is a constant work in progress) I will of course do a full home tour!

Until then, first up I want to share with you what I have purchased so far as well as a few items on my wish list for my living room area! Also below, you will see some of my favorite images I used as a source for inspiration for this room and the look I am trying to achieve. Oh yeah, one last thing– incase you don’t know me or aren’t very familiar with Gal About Town I want to make it clear that I am ballin’ on a budget 24/7. For a girl with champagne taste and a beer budget (especially when it comes to decorating) I had to get crafty and research A LOT to find items that suited the look I was going for, but were affordable!


Gold and blush pink living room

Image Via: The Glitter Guide

blush pink and gold living room

Image via: The Room Edit

blush and gold living room

Image via: Mix & Chic

Blush and Gold living room

Image via: Shophouse Design


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    January 6, 2017 / 1:35 am

    Fabulous, chic, sophisticated and fun.

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