30th birthday sparkler cake

I turned 30 years old today. For one, I can’t believe it because I definitely do not feel 30 in any way. But I gotta say, it feels pretty DAMN GOOD. Is this how I pictured my  life looking at 30? Omg, it’s almost comical to think about because the answer is, not in the slightest. However, I can honestly say the life I am living now is even better than I could have dreamed of 10 years ago. I have never been happier or more content. I feel more confident then I ever have, I have the most wonderful friends and support system, a job I love that has given me so many opportunities, a beautiful home, and I am able to take care of myself, and give back to others. As cheesy as it is and I swore I wouldnt type these words in this blog post (hahaha), I just feel so dang blessed and grateful for such a wonderful life and for my health here as enter my 30s. I have really been reflecting a lot these last few weeks on how much I have changed as a person over the past 10ish years, and what all I have learned. I want to share some of them with you all- there’s not going to be 30 for 30 years (tbh that was my intention but 30 is a lot) haha, but just a few I wanted to note.

30th birthday sparkler cake


Seriously. Being kind doesn’t cost you a thing and can make such a huge impact. I will always remember how someone made me feel. Also you never know where those interactions will take you. Not only be kind to strangers (I honestly feel like thats the easiest), but be kind to your friends, family, and yourself.


Hell, you dont even have to be friends with everyone. Friendly, yes, but not friends. And THATS OKAY. Gosh y’all, tbh this is something I am still learning and struggle with. I love having a circle of friends and people that I love and it’s natural to me to want to be friends with everyone and bring more friends into my group. The more the merrier, right? Not always. I have found that I just don’t connect with everyone on the same level as I do as some of my other friends. And again, that’s okay. Friendships are like relationships, sometimes you connect and sometimes you don’t. Don’t feel guilty about it, and don’t try to force a friendship. You also don’t have to say yes to every single person that asks you to coffee, dinner, drinks, etc. These past two years especially, I have really been learning that all my friendships are going to look different. And I am okay with that.


I find this to be so true. If someone is ugly to you, or unkind it’s usually because they are unhappy with themselves. Be a better person and just brush it off and ignore, or kill em with kindness.


Is your close friend celebrating a victory? Birthday? Going through a tough time? Needs help?  Be there for them in any way you can. Obviously we are all busy and have things going on constantly but whenever you can, just show up. Help them, celebrate them, be present for them. Again, I have been guilty of not always doing this and there have been times I haven’t been there for my friends but that’s okay, we are human. Just do what you can to be the best friend to everyone you love and those who love you will do the same.



Oh my gosh now I wish I would have taken better care of my skin in my teens and early twenties. I can’t stress this enough. For the love of god, at LEAST wear sunscreen and moisturizer. If you are looking for some great skincare products, y’all know my love for Colleen Rothschild runs deep.



Ugh this one has been tough, but I feel like we all do this. Do I want to get married and have a family? Absolutely. But that is just not the way life has worked out for me yet. I know my next phase of life is coming so instead of comparing myself and what my life looks like to others I really have taken a step back and put so much energy into loving every minute of my life as it is now and taking this time to be a little selfish because I know a day will come when it won’t just be me and I will have other people to think about. I know my time will come! In the mean time I love celebrating all of my friends who are starting their families and it makes me so happy. The grass is always greener folks.



Ahhhh gosh I have really embraced this the past few years. YES to that trip. YES to an extra glass of wine. YES to taking a risk. YES to staying up late. YES to that date. I have literally said yes to just about any and every opportunity that has come my way over the last few years and I don’t regret it one bit. What a way to live your life. Saying yes has given me experiences, memories, belly laughs, opportunities, and friendships that I might have never gotten if I hadn’t of just said yes.


I feel like this goes hand in hand with my previous statement that you don’t have to be BFF’s with everyone. I have noticed that my friendship with every single one of my friends looks different. As it should! We are all different and going through various stages of life and often times are just in different places or going through tough times which can be really damn tough to maintain a friendship. I have friends I used to talk to and hang out with everyday that now I only get to talk to once every few months. That’s just how it works. And sometimes you might even need a friend break from someone. That’s okay too. Choose people that make you better- and everyone is going to have a different place in your life and that might change throughout your friendships course. Just go with it, and decide if it’s a friendship you want to continue to invest in.

GET A DOG (or two)

Never could I imagine the love I would feel from having a dog (now 2) in my life. They bring me so much joy and happiness and I can’t even describe the selfless love I feel from them. They make my life so much better.


Seriously! I am not a chef by any means, nor do I love cooking. But there are a few things I have mastered and can whip up blindfolded whether it be for friends, a party, a date, or even when youre just feelin like it.


Listen to your body, be aware of your mental health, and just take care of yourself for gosh sake. You know yourself better than anyone and know when you just need a mental recharge, a day off, a nap, a massage, whateverrrrr. Just do what you need to do for you and be kind to your body and your mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health. I do not currently see a therapist but it is something I am looking into because I think everyone can benefit from it.



Seriously. People are going to piss you off, things aren’t going to go your way, someone is going to say something ugly, you are going to have disagreements. Don’t stress and get worked up over every little thing. Because I promise, usually in the grand scheme of things, ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. Brush things off, be a bigger person.


I by no means have it all figured out and I am still learning every single day and continue to strive to be better but I feel very content with my life right now and where I am at going into 30. I can only hope the next 30 can live up to this! Cheers, y’all! Thank you so much for following along and supporting me. I love y’all so much!

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  1. Jamie
    October 24, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    Love this girl! Happy birthday! ♥️

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