Is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Really That Great?

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale babes! I am sure you guys are all familiar with this sale so I will cut right to the chase. I am not going to go crazy on this sale like I have years prior. I chatted with you guys on my IG stories about this the other day but I honestly have been a little “meh” about this sale the past 2 or so years. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some great items but I also think most of these items will go on sale again at some point within the next 2-3 months either on Nordstrom or another retailer. So don’t fret and feel like you need to buy ALL the things in July that you can’t wear till November because they will be gone. Because trust me, there will be other sales. BUT I cannot deny there are some pretty great deals and items I liked and wanted to purchase because I felt like I would truly get a lot of wear out of them and I did. I am sharing what I ultimately purchased over on my Instagram stories and in the app so definitely check there to see what I got and how I styled those items.

I do still want to share with you all some items from the sale that I really liked. Not that I necessarily NEEDED, but just liked and that caught my eye and I felt like were representative of my style. Maybe you will like some of them too! I broke it down into categories if you want to browse through to see if anything catches your eye too! I know this is not the way most bloggers are approaching this sale, but this is how I felt like was the most honest way for me to provide my opinions and selections with you guys. If you are looking for extensive coverage and reviews (which I give SO much credit to these ladies for doing because it is some serious WORK), I am so so happy to point you in the right direction of some of my other blogger friends who are doing a killer job at covering the sale in detail. All in all, love you guys and if you are here then thank you so much!




Denim + Pants








Dresses + Skirts









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