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Hey guys! Are y’all happy the holiday craziness is coming to an end? It was so nice spending time with close family and friends over Christmas and relaxing– now bring on the new year. One of my biggest goals for the new years are some of my financial goals, and I am really trying to make even the smallest changes to save money however I can. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but it adds up! Even when it comes to things like groceries. Walmart has always been a go to for me (growing up my mom did all of our grocery shopping at Walmart as well), and their everyday prices are hard to beat. It’s nice to know that I am getting the best prices at Walmart compared to other retailers.

Walmart Total: $19.90 vs Kroger Total: $26.25


I did a little price comparison above between Walmart and Kroger and just on these 5 items, you can save over $7.00, so think about the savings you could have on a full grocery trip! It adds up people! Plus Walmart carries all the brands I love. Peep the family size Oreos in this collage haha! My weakness. 


Over the past few months I have also been using Walmart’s Pickup and Delivery service which TBH was a blessing I didn’t know I needed. It is SO nice to pull up and have everything ready to go or have your groceries delivered to your front door. 

Here’s to staying safe, and saving money! 


This post is sponsored by Walmart. All selections and opinions are my own.

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