The Best Designer Dupes

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Oh heyyy- today’s post is an exciting one! I don’t know about you guys but I have a little something called champagne taste and a beer budget…I am a single gal who is self employed so I have to be mindful of my spending. As much as I wish I could have a Carrie Bradshaw moment everyday I just don’t have the funds to be buying all the designer items I love on a whim! I will admit, I really do love a luxury item and I am a proponent of spending the money to get a higher quality item (handbags, watches, belts, and sunglasses are my thing) and my collection is slowly growing because I make goals for myself and save my money! I feel like it just makes that item that much more special to me when I know I worked hard and earned it.

But sometimes there are a things I am either just not THAT crazy about to spend the money on, feel as if its just a trend (hello fur line Gucci loafers), orrrr sometimes I want to “test drive” an item to see if I want to invest in the real deal! With that being said, I love a good dupe. There are a few dupes I own that literally no one can tell the difference– thats when you know its good. I mean its crazy to me, some look literally identical… I swear there has to be a super fine line legally when it comes to copying a design, because so many look like the real deal, its insane. Above I have rounded up some of the best designer dupes I could find. I am thinking about doing this every month because there were so many good ones! I have to say my favorites are the Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots- I almost like the dupe better!! Also the Gucci tee (Im sorry, I just can’t spend $500 on a t shirt) is great and a popular seller here on the blog- I can attest because I own the dupe myself.  What are your favorites?


  1. Alyssa
    September 19, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    PLEASE do more of these!!

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