Valentines With My Fur Babies

Single, or in a relationship, I have always loved the month of February and Valentine’s Day. I just love love, y’all. And I love celebrating and spoiling those I love, especially my fur babies. I’m serious, the pups in our family probably get more gifts and treats than anyone. They truly are family to us. I know so many of you are dog mamas as well and are totally with me on this! 

For Valentine’s Day this year I made each of the pups a little basket with some cute toys, Valentine’s bandanas (which clearly I couldn’t wait for them to wear so they are rocking them all month), and their favorite Milk-Bone treats. Everything I picked up from Target. Milk-Bone treats are seriously their fav-I keep them in the pantry in my kitchen and sometimes Ellie will just go over to the panty door and just sit there and stare at me. I know EXACTLY what she wants! These Milk-Bone treats I picked up at Target are Valentine’s Day themed too! Yummy and festive. Not that the pups care, but I personally love anything that fits a theme. They just want to devour them. 

Thank you all for loving my babies as much as I do and I just love the community of dog mamas (and dads) here. I will link everything I got for the pups baskets at  Target below so you can spoil your pups for Valentine’s Day.

**Thank you so much to Target and Milk-Bone for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my (and in this case, Ellie and Banks’) own. 

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