Wedding Talk, Trends, and Tips With Harper’s Bazaar and Simon G. Jewelry

harpers bazaar and simon g wedding event in dallas texas

Happy Tuesday, friends! If you are reading the title of this blog post and thinking….”umm, did I miss something here?” don’t worry– I am not engaged. However, what girl single, dating, or engaged doesn’t dream about their wedding? Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to attend a special event and panel with Simon G. and Harper’s Bazaar which featured some of the best of the best in the wedding industry.

During this event and panel we sipped champagne, tried on some GORGEOUS Simon G. diamonds (hint and hint future mystery husband– maybe one day you will come across this blog post), and had an intimate panel and discussion with Lynn Easton and Augusta Cole of Easton Events, wedding and editorial photographer KT Merry, floral designer Maxine Owens of The Southern Table, Brooke Brinkman of Simon G. and Carrie Goldberg and Dana Mendelowitz from  Harper’s Bazaar. Obviously I am not a bride-to-be, however, from a single girls perspective and from someone who knows very little about the wedding industry I found this discussion to be fascinating. We discussed everything from current trends, trends they believed had run their course, do’s and dont’s , advice for brides, and everything in between. I will be honest I have never been that girl who has dreamed about her wedding but to be in the same room with some of the best in the industry and to hear first hand how passionate they were about what they do to help curate one of the biggest day’s of someones life– that was something special.

We covered SO much during the panel but here are some of my takeaways and most memorable tidbits from the discussion:

  • Throughout the wedding planning process don’t forget to be kind. Especially for the brides working closely with their family to pay for and organize their special day. While it is a stressful time it is also supposed to be an enjoyable and memorable time planning throughout your engagement and your family, planner, and vendors are a huge part of that.
  • We all are familiar of the four C’s when it comes to selecting a diamond (cut, color, clarity, carat). Brooke from Simon G. shared that not all C’s are equal when it comes to a diamond and that cut is probably the most important C to keep in mind when selecting a diamond. A diamond with a beautiful cut can appear to be larger in size, and higher in clarity. This was super interesting to me!
  • As a fashion blogger I am all about multiple outfit changes. However, what about for your wedding day? Pretty much everyone on the panel agreed that they were a fan of outfit changes in your wedding as long as the time it took to complete these didn’t take away too much from your big day! They also encouraged dresses that had multiple layers or could be transformed to create a different look.
  • And probably the best advice I thought was when planning your wedding to remember it is YOUR wedding, and not someone elses. I know we all love gathering inspiration from our Pinterest boards, wedding magazines, and friends and celebs weddings. However, their wedding is not yours and you shouldn’t try to recreate it.

What a beautiful night this was, thank you so much to Harper’s Bazaar and Simon G. for having us!

gal about town by lynlee poston and the miller affect at simon g harpers bazaar wedding event

simon g and harpers bazaar wedding panel and event

simon g and harpers bazaar wedding and bridal panel in dallas, tx

simon g and harpers bazaar wedding panel event

simon g diamond engagement rings

simon g and harpers bazaar wedding and bridal panel event in dallas, texas

Photos by: Charla Storey

**Today’s post was written in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar and Simon G. As always, all opinions are my own.**

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