The Summer Hostess

I know we are all tired of hearing about COVID and virus hosts, so I wanted to put y’all on to something about the good kind of hosts: those with MacKenzie-Childs pieces!

2020 has been quite strange to say the least. We’ve all been faced with many uncertainties, and that can definitely get your nerves worked up. What better way to wind down than by hanging out (social distance style) with your friends and loved ones?

I try to be a glass half full type of gal, so despite the many setbacks this year has caused, I think there are also a lot of positive things to be thankful for, as well. One of the main being extra time with family and friends. Whether we wanted to or not, the past few months has caused us to slow things down in all aspects of our lives. Without such busy schedules, we’ve found ourselves with more time to carve out for the people that matter most in our lives. For some this might just mean an extra long phone call to your grandmothers or a distant friend. For others, more time can be spent strengthening existing relationships like marriages or your children. For me personally, I’ve always loved to entertain and am able to show grace and gratitude towards my friends by hosting them for dinner parties, movie nights, etc!

We might not all be traveling for our summer vacations, but why not try to make the most of it right here at home? I’ve been using MacKenzie-Childs pieces for years and the top-notch quality makes them great investment pieces.

With the summer collection, I’ve been able to transition my dinner parties from inside to outside, as well. You can’t beat having dinner outdoors as the sun is setting in warm summer weather, with ice cold drinks to accompany.

If you’re looking for a fun idea outside of dinner parties, I would recommend having an outdoor movie night! I purchased an affordable projector that we like to set up and stream our favorite movies and shows. You can create additional seating with pool floats, blow-up pools, hammocks..whatever—get creative! No movie night is complete without snacks, so I rely heavily on the MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Enamel Serving Platter and Bowls. You can’t go wrong with chips and dip in Texas, so I mixed up some fresh salsa, guac, and TJ’s mango pico and served it on my Courtly Check Enamel Abundant Bowl .

I also like to switch up the bev’s, and want to share one of my favorites with you all- homemade Summer Beer! If you’re not familiar with this drink, you HAVE to try it! It’s super simple and so refreshing! I like a good “pink drink,” so I swapped out the OG lemonade for some pink lemonade and it was so good! Keep all your bottles cool and ice plentiful on these hot days with the Courtly Check Enamel Wine Cooler as well!

To get a good buzz, blend/mix the following:

-1 can of thawed frozen pink lemonade concentrate (You could also use fresh lemonade for a healthier option and serve over ice instead of having a more frozen consistency.)

-12 ounces of water

-12 ounces of vodka (give or take ;))

-1 can/bottle of beer

So simple, and so refreshing!

Happy hosting! 🙂


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